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Why Data is Sexier with Context (sfw)

In 2013, PornHub—the behemoth pornographic video-sharing website—embarked on an ambitious effort to crunch hardcore data (pun intended). Believe it or not, the result has been an elegant content strategy that has pushed the business in unexpected ways. It didn’t take long for the digital marketing community to notice: Contently named PornHub as the new king […]

Jigsaw’s Boys & Girls Club Adventure

“How did it get so late so soon? It’s night before its afternoon. December is here before its June. My goodness how the time has flewn. How did it get so late so soon?”– Dr. Seuss Time is precious. And so are children. Even when they both get messy. This holiday season, the Jigsaw team […]

My Rant About Content. And SEO.

Part 2 of a 3-Part Series In my last rant, we focused on the role of content strategy. An essential component of which is organic search engine optimization (SEO). Even the most brilliant, compelling content in the world won’t fully deliver without making sure the search engines can identify and assign your content as a […]

Data Visualization

When you look at a piece of art do you think about the metadata?  What???  Yes, art has metadata. Google has once again kicked it up a notch to create an amazing data visualization.  Amit Sood demos the Cultural Institute.

My Rant About Online Content.

Part 1 of a 3-Part Series I’m going to be frank. I don’t think people truly understand the power and role of content, even though it’s been a tired buzzword for years. Nobody seems to know what to do with it or who should be in charge. I’ve seen journalists, web designers, social media pros […]

Campaigns for Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare Recognized by Healthcare Marketing Report

An expansive collection of Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare advertising campaign work has been recognized by Healthcare Marketing Report as part of their 33rd Annual Healthcare Advertising Awards. Concepted and produced by Jigsaw, the pieces won a total of 25 awards, including Best in Show, 10 Gold, six Silver, four Bronze and four Merit. The Healthcare Advertising […]

eHealthcare Recognizes Jigsaw Client’s Winning Strategy

It’s always great seeing Jigsaw partners find success in their online marketing, which is why we were pleased to learn eHealthcare Strategy & Trends recently shared some well-deserved love for our client Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare. The article focused on web analytics and Wheaton’s Director of Digital Marketing, Jaimie Somlai, where she shared her experiences revamping […]

Who dunnit?

This past Wednesday (November 18th) Milwaukee awoke to a surprise—nearly 20 various-sized large wooden crates had appeared throughout the city at public locations. Clearly marked as the “Property of the Milwaukee Art Museum” and mysteriously stenciled with and a unique crate number, the crates were obviously meant to get people excited about the Museum’s […]

Movie Products Made Real – Our Wishlist

So you may have heard that Pepsi is launching a special limited edition “Pepsi Perfect,” the very Pepsi product that Marty McFly ordered during his visit to 2015 from 1985. It was merely a fictional product, but has now been brought to life for a mere $20+ bottle. It’s a fun concept, and while Pepsi […]

Get Back in the Game

Despite best laid plans, there’s often a time when baby boomers go boom. Quite literally. Whether it’s a torn ACL, hip or shoulder pain, or a bad back, this group of 45- to 70-year-olds refuses to limp off into the sunset. Rather than give up the sport or activity they love—like the generation before them—the […]

Happy Hamburg(la)r Day

So today is National Hamburger Day. I only just now learned this, otherwise I would have celebrated with a burger for lunch instead of a stupid salad. But now I need to find some other way to mark the occasion. Actually, it does get me thinking about the well-covered Hamburglar buzz from a few weeks […]