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QR Codes: A Lesson for NFTs

Explore the rise, fall, and potential resurgence of NFTs by reflecting on parallels with QR codes, envisioning a future where NFTs find practical applications.

Sculpture Milwaukee: It’s What Everyone Will be Looking At This Summer

Just over two years ago, our client VISIT Milwaukee asked Jigsaw for some help on a top-secret project spearheaded by Steve Marcus, the Chairman of the Marcus Corporation. We, of course, said yes even though we knew very little about what we were getting into. Mr. Marcus had a vision. He was going to lead […]

Who dunnit?

This past Wednesday (November 18th) Milwaukee awoke to a surprise—nearly 20 various-sized large wooden crates had appeared throughout the city at public locations. Clearly marked as the “Property of the Milwaukee Art Museum” and mysteriously stenciled with and a unique crate number, the crates were obviously meant to get people excited about the Museum’s […]

Movie Products Made Real – Our Wishlist

So you may have heard that Pepsi is launching a special limited edition “Pepsi Perfect,” the very Pepsi product that Marty McFly ordered during his visit to 2015 from 1985. It was merely a fictional product, but has now been brought to life for a mere $20+ bottle. It’s a fun concept, and while Pepsi […]

Volkswagen has 7,000 inspectors. And all of them, have their backs turned to you.

How ironic that a commercial from the 1950’s would be so relevant to the latest Volkswagen scandal. Ironic that the commercial was made before emission controls. Ironic that the Volkswagen inspectors have their backs to the camera. Ironic that they say they inspect, “…even the things you can’t see…” Ironic in just how ironic this […]