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The Marketing Clean Fifteen: 15 Digital Marketing Best Practices

Discover the Marketing Clean Fifteen: 15 essential digital marketing best practices for brands. Learn how to optimize your digital marketing for success.

Navigating the Vital Role of Mapping Customer Journeys in High-Consideration Purchases

Unlock the potential of high-consideration customer journeys with Jigsaw’s strategic insights for impactful conversions and loyalty.

Truly Knowing Your Audience through Buyer Personas

In marketing, there’s one rule that trumps all others: know your audience. Many marketers fail to truly understand who they are targeting, resulting in campaigns that flop. How can you ensure your marketing hits the bullseye? The answer is developing detailed buyer personas. What is a Buyer Persona? A buyer persona is a fictional, generalized […]

Artificial Intelligence, Real Experience and Optimized Performance

Learn how to write optimized copy for the web to appeal to your client.

The Overlooked Role of Privacy Consent Management for Healthcare Industry Websites

Learn how we carefully manage your privacy. Read about the data we collect, how we use it to improve your experience and the consent options we provide to honor your preferences.

How to Build a Website That Converts Visitors into Leads

Want to build a website that attracts and converts visitors? Follow these 5 proven tips to create an optimized, user-friendly site that turns visitors into leads and sales.

Six Second Brand – Insights for an evolving marketplace.

So Now What?
Marketing Advice For Times Of Crisis

It’s 10AM on March 30th—do you know where your customers are right now? They’re at home, of course. And you are too, most likely. It’s rare when a single cause—in this case, a global pandemic—can have such an all-encompassing impact on the daily lives of people regardless of where they live, what they do for […]