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Cookie Deprecation Delayed Again, Advertisers Have More Time To Fine Tune Cookiesless Strategies

Navigate the post-cookie era in digital advertising! Explore the shift, challenges, and strategies for success in 2024. Jigsaw is here to guide you.

Technical Analysis on TikTok and Data Privacy Concerns

Concerns over TikTok’s data privacy and national security risks. Experts argue regulation could mitigate dangers, others see the proposed U.S. ban as control.

Using AI to develop and debug code

At different times throughout my career, I’ve found myself either part of a small team of web developers, or the sole developer within an advertising agency. And, like a lot of developers, I’m mostly a self-taught tinkerer and consider myself a designer first, and programmer, second. One thing is for certain, I’ve always had to […]

The Dirty Dozen of Marketing: 12 Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Identify and eliminate ineffective digital marketing tactics with Jigsaw’s ‘Dirty Dozen of Marketing’—a guide to avoiding digital mistakes that harm your brand.

Why Leveraging Influencers is the Right Prescription for Healthcare Marketing

Explore how influencer marketing boosts healthcare brands by enhancing credibility, educating audiences, and promoting healthy outcomes.

Transforming Agency Operations: A Roadmap to Efficiency and Profitability

Streamlining agency operations through process optimization and technology integration. A detailed roadmap for redefining workflows, evaluating project management tools, and implementing them to increase efficiency and transparency.

Digital Advertising as Google Phases Out Cookies

Navigate the post-cookie era in digital advertising! Explore the shift, challenges, and strategies for success in 2024. Jigsaw is here to guide you

QR Codes: A Lesson for NFTs

Explore the rise, fall, and potential resurgence of NFTs by reflecting on parallels with QR codes, envisioning a future where NFTs find practical applications.

The Need for Accessible Websites

Learn why website accessibility matters, how many people are impacted by disabilities, legal requirements to meet accessibility standards, overview of WCAG 2.1 guidelines for levels A, AA and AAA conformance along with tips to make accessible, usable websites that don’t exclude people with disabilities.

The Death of the Third-Party Cookie—Part 1: How We Got Here & How Advertisers Will Survive

Remember when DVR first came out (or even VHS)? Advertisers went into a panic—many thought people would never watch ads again. But what happened? The market adjusted, advertisers focused their approach, and advertising still lives on. (In fact, plenty of people actually enjoy watching ads.) These days, the digital advertising world is about to go […]

How the Pandemic Has Amplified Growth in Digital Media

Online content consumption is surging and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. The pandemic has only amplified trends we have been seeing over the past five years. Analysts and industry hawks are in overdrive as they interpret how Covid-19 has changed our media habits—possibly permanently. Let’s walk through some of the most significant findings and […]