Credit Unions Put Consumers First

Landmark Credit Union

But consumers don’t think of credit unions first.

Credit unions offer a higher return on deposits and investments and charge lower fees for financial products and services. Yet consumers still tend to gravitate toward traditional banking relationships.

The Insight:

For consumers, banking is about much more than money and the things you buy with it.

The Truth:

What matters is how purchases affect consumers’ lives, homes, and families — the things that really matter.

Example billboard execution of brand strategy

Primary & secondary research demystified the problem

Our research found little differentiation between the marketing practices of traditional banks and credit unions. Most advertising prioritized products, rates, and fees—and ultimately missed a key insight about what matters most to consumers.

Creating a more emotional connection was the rational decision.

We produced brand and product campaigns around the simple truth—that consumers only care about rates and fees only as much as they affect the things that matter most in their lives—and their life-stage means those things are different among consumer segments. For some, it’s buying their first home. For others, it’s saving for college. For all, it’s about who they love and how their spending, saving, and investing helps them reach their full potential.

We produced numbers so attractive even financial institutions are impressed.


Increased brand awareness


In competitive ranking just behind Chase Bank


Among financial institutions whose advertising consumers recalled