Uncrated. Unveiled.

Milwaukee Art Museum

How do you capture an entire city’s imagination in just a few hours?

By creating a spectacle.

Tuesday night, no one even knew the Museum had been renovated.

By Wednesday morning,
it was the talk of the town.

20 Crates

placed in high traffic areas around greater Milwaukee


TV media impressions from the crates on first day alone


in ad equivalency from 30 news stories in 2 hours

With billboard road-blocks, the Art Museum dominated Milwaukee’s AM & PM drive times.

5-minute segments throughout the city secured several instances of exclusive access to morning and afternoon commuters.

Holiday movie-goers expected to be amazed. The Uncrated. Unveiled. trailer delivered.

Our crates got everyone thinking about art.
Our Pandora spot got listeners re-thinking the Art Museum.
211% of engagement benchmark for arts/entertainment segment

Uncrated social media and digital ads drew thousands of visitors before the Museum doors even opened.
mobile social
mobile social
mobile social
Digital ads outperformed benchmark CTR by 463%
Social ads outperformed benchmark CTR by 246%

A strong digital component helped the Art Museum connect with a younger, more diverse audience.

43% Digital Media

(digital display, social media, paid search, pre-roll video)

57% Traditional Media

(outdoor, print, cinema, broadcast radio)

24,165,175 Impressions

The crates tickled curiosity.

Uncrated.org rewarded it.

Crates inspired 2,241 viewers to type URL directly into their browsers, spending an average of 3 minutes on site.
mobile phone mobile phone experience
Engagement rate 5x industry benchmark

Millenials embraced #uncrated – first sharing crates, then sharing art.

Over 500 instances of #uncrated means around 100,000 free impressions via shares, likes and reposts.

instagram gallery

The Art Museum’s reopening was a pretty big deal.

So was the public response

Highest attendance in 10 years


increased attendance from 2014, prior to closure


above attendance goals in the first 6 months after reopening

Agency Recognition
  • 2016 Obie Awards
  • 2016 PRSA Silver Anvil Awards