Get Back in the Game

Despite best laid plans, there’s often a time when baby boomers go boom. Quite literally. Whether it’s a torn ACL, hip or shoulder pain, or a bad back, this group of 45- to 70-year-olds refuses to limp off into the sunset. Rather than give up the sport or activity they love—like the generation before them—the nation’s largest demographic is simply going to the body shop for new parts and services.

More specifically, they’re going to Midwest Orthopedic Specialty Services.

Inspired by the physicians who founded Midwest Orthopedic Specialty Hospital, patients can now access award-winning orthopedic care in convenient locations throughout Southeast Wisconsin. To get the word out, Jigsaw launched a new website, banner ads, new outdoor billboards, new print ads and a new :60 TV spot.

See the launch tv spot below:








The results have been nothing short of extraordinary.  After the media launch in March, doctor’s office call volume increased by 550% and increased traffic on their website went up by 65% during the first week of the campaign.