eHealthcare Recognizes Jigsaw Client’s Winning Strategy

It’s always great seeing Jigsaw partners find success in their online marketing, which is why we were pleased to learn eHealthcare Strategy & Trends recently shared some well-deserved love for our client Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare. The article focused on web analytics and Wheaton’s Director of Digital Marketing, Jaimie Somlai, where she shared her experiences revamping By redesigning Wheaton’s website with a strong sense for strategy, digital analytics and user experience, she was able to bring online patient registrations up from 50 per month to nearly 400 per month in only two years.

Of course, the barometer for online success is much bigger (and more complex) than simply counting clicks and registrations—you have to identify larger customer behaviors by extrapolating and interpreting the raw data, and then formulate and execute plans accordingly. It can be a daunting challenge requiring a team of experts to effectively manage—and that’s why partnering with Jigsaw is so invaluable. We have a range of strategic, tactical and creative professionals experienced in both old and new media, meaning we can support your business well beyond the scope of traditional advertising.

Check out eHealthcare’s article, Web Analytics: A Digital Healthcare Marketer’s BFF for a more detailed look at how digital analytics, when properly applied to a larger strategy, can empower decision-makers to improve their website’s effectiveness as a business asset. Jaimie Somlai does a great job explaining how she navigated the complexities of online marketing and brought Wheaton’s website to the next level. And Jigsaw’s Digital Analyst, Charlie Collins, is also featured to offer some additional insights about Jigsaw’s role in helping Wheaton keep its ear to the ground and better understand their customer behaviors—both on and offline.