Taking Stock, Donating Socks

West Wisconsin Avenue has come a long way since we planted our flag here nearly 15 years ago. And recently, the Milwaukee Business Journal dubbed it “the place to be.” We couldn’t be more thrilled to witness and be a part of that progress.

Even though we are in the heart of the resurgence, we have a long way to go. The homeless encampment at W. 6th and N. Clybourn St. is minutes from Jigsaw. It is a constant reminder of the inequities in our society. And It’s difficult to comprehend what life is like for someone battling the winter months outdoors with nothing but a tent for shelter.

We wanted to do something to help the homeless population in our community. Rather than send typical gifts of appreciation to our clients and partners this holiday season, we donated a large pile of warm, durable socks in a variety of sizes to the Milwaukee Rescue Mission. Last year, BizTimes Media named the Milwaukee Rescue Mission as the Non-Profit of the Year for its work serving men, women, and children who are homeless, hungry or poor.

Supporting the Milwaukee Rescue Mission is easy. Beyond financial contributions, the wish list of items needed is long. Socks are on the list, but so are many other essentials that are easy for the rest of us to take for granted.

As we ease into 2019, we wish all of our friends, clients and associates warmth, comfort and security. As we take stock of all we have, we are grateful beyond measure.