Maintaining Market Presence is Vital: How Social Media Marketing Can Drive Practice Growth

The average internet user spends 2.5 hours a day with social media. That’s 35.8% of daily online activities or one of every three minutes spent online. It’s no wonder why businesses of all shapes and sizes turn to social platforms to promote their organizations and sell their products and services.

Social media marketing can be a game changer for businesses whose products or services are considered purchases such as planned orthopedic procedures. Many orthopedic procedures often involve long lead times. Patients like to research, weigh their options, and consider other factors before determining where and with whom to have the procedure. With the amount of time U.S. adults spend with digital media it’s no surprise they turn to the web for research, including social platforms. In fact, according to a recent survey, 61% of social media users have researched health and wellness topics on social platforms. But, because these planned orthopedic procedures aren’t something the average person needs every day, staying in front of potential audiences so that when the need arises, they think of your practice first, is vital. Social media marketing is one great way to execute a continuous presence strategy while also driving engagement and fueling word-of-mouth.

Maintaining a Market Presence

Through a combination of organic posts, boosted posts, and dark ads, social media advertising is key for maintaining a consistent market presence. Through a synchronized organic and paid strategy, brands can leverage platform data to reach target audiences with greater frequency than more expensive mediums like mass-reach TV or highly visible freeway boards, with fewer wasted impressions. For orthopedic practices on social media, this equates to brand recall when the need arises. According to a recent study by Marq, formerly Lucid Press, brand consistency has contributed to a 10 to 20% growth in revenue for businesses.

Driving Engagement from Current and New Patients

Having a regular cadence of posting on your owned social media channels and truly understanding what engages your followers is key. This strategy could include things like educational content, organization updates, posts that drive interactivity, updates on partnerships, community outreach, and more. Having the right mix is key. According to Sprout Social, 65% of consumers feel more connected to brands that have a robust presence on social media.


When brands advertise on social media, it provides a platform for word-of-mouth to shine. People love commenting on posts and sharing their experiences, especially when it comes to life-changing orthopedic procedures. Baby Boomer audiences are more likely to comment about their experiences than younger generations, and when their comments, shares, and likes show up in their friend’s feeds, it can fuel even more word-of-mouth discussion. And the best part? This extended, more organic reach, is free!

In the 2023 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, 86 percent of marketers said that their social media marketing gave more exposure to their businesses, helping with traffic, lead generation, and sales. Are you interested in how you can maintain visibility and generate word of mouth for your practice? Reach out to Jigsaw today for a consultation.