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Using AI to develop and debug code

At different times throughout my career, I’ve found myself either part of a small team of web developers, or the sole developer within an advertising agency. And, like a lot of developers, I’m mostly a self-taught tinkerer and consider myself a designer first, and programmer, second. One thing is for certain, I’ve always had to […]

Is CSS Flexbox ready for prime time yet?

TLDR: Yes. So, as a front-end developer, I sometimes have to ask myself: “Wow, this is a really cool new technology. Can I use this in my workflow in a production website at work, or does it sound better in theory than in practice?” I find myself always evaluating new CSS specifications to see if […]

Use Sass to Extend Your Brand Color Palette

So the Art Director you’re working with hands you a brand guide with a color palette consisting of 4 colors. They look great, but what if you need additional colors for darker strokes around buttons, gradients, and maybe some alpha transparency? You don’t want to introduce foreign colors to the palette for fear of straying […]

Are you really optimizing your website for a mobile-first experience?

Compressing your website during development and after launch is crucial. Note: I develop custom WordPress themes from scratch, so when applicable, I’ll refer to ways to implement these techniques using WordPress. This is increasingly important now that responsive design for mobile devices is the de facto standard. You can no longer simply use CSS media […]